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Booking Your Appointment

Appointments are booked in 2 to 4 hour time blocks in several time frames 7 days a week. You may choose your preferred time based on availability.

Same-day or next-day appointments are typically available.

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Service Call

Your initial appointment is called a “Service Call”. This appointment typically lasts between 15 to 45 minutes.

During this appointment your refrigerator will be checked and the issues will be diagnosed. Based on the diagnosis, the technician will provide you with the cost of the repair.

The cost of this appointment is $80 – which covers the trip and diagnosis of your fridge problems. This is a standard rate in the appliance repair industry (although some companies charge more).

If you decide to go ahead and repair your refrigerator, then your Service Call fee is waived.

Repair Process

Once you decide to proceed with the repair, the fridge technician will check that all parts are available to complete the repair. If all parts are available, then the technician will perform the repair.

During the repair process, your refrigerator will be disassembled. Keep in mind that additional space in your kitchen will be required by the technician to operate comfortably.

Once the repair is completed, the fridge will be assembled together. All dirt will be cleaned up by the technician and old parts will be disposed outside of your home.

Refrigerator Parts

In 80% of all repairs, the required parts are carried in the technician’s van.

Sometimes refrigerator parts need to be ordered from the manufacturer. If that is the case, the technician will find out the estimated time of shipment and will book a second appointment with you.

During the second appointment, the repair of your refrigerator will be completed. In very rare cases, a third appointment might be necessary to complete the repair.


Your repair is covered by both parts and service warranty. Parts are typically covered for up to 1 year from day of installation (this varies by manufacturer). Depending on the parts and services performed, the warranty length will be shown on your invoice. Please keep your invoice for future reference.

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