Terms of Service

Notice to Applicants of Important Terms and Conditions

1) Our service is to refer applicants to separate appliance repair businesses (“Service Providers”) which we consider in our discretion are suitable and appropriate to repair the kinds of equipment and appliances mentioned on our site.

2) Applicants who communicate with the Service Providers and hire them to repair or do other work are not entering into a parts or services agreement with us, namely CalgaryFridgeRepairs.ca, but solely with the Service Providers doing the work.

3) Applicants acknowledge and agree that responsibility to do the work in accordance with such agreements to the appropriate standard is solely that of the Service Providers and not CalgaryFridgeRepairs.ca and that CalgaryFridgeRepairs.ca accept no responsibility whatever for fulfilling the terms and conditions of the service agreements including as to quality of labour performed or parts supplied.

4) All warranty claims, complaints and other communications which applicants may have in connection with a service agreement must be addressed solely to the Service Provider who did the work and not to CalgaryFridgeRepairs.ca.

5) For greater clarity, applicants further acknowledge and agree in favour of CalgaryFridgeRepairs.ca that CalgaryFridgeRepairs.ca:

a) is neither a party to any agreement entered into by an applicant with a Service Provider nor an agent, employee, partner or other representative of the Service Provider and has no responsibility for any failure or alleged failure of performance with regard to any service agreement or for having provided the name of the Service Provider to applicant;

b) does not necessarily screen or investigate in any particular way the Service Providers;

c) makes no representations or warranties and gives no other assurances or undertakings with respect to a Service Provider or any services agreement entered into by an applicant with a Service Provider;

d) will not settle, mediate or otherwise assume responsibility for resolving disputes between a Service Provider and an applicant; and

e) assumes no liability for losses, damages or claims of any nature or description, notwithstanding the theory under which they may be alleged or advanced, arising from an applicant entering into a services agreement with a Service Provider, even if the Service Provider has committed a fundamental breach of contract.

6) Applicant also agrees that the foregoing terms and conditions are reasonable in the circumstance.